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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

We'd Love the Opportunity

Speaking Topics

The Radical Sabbatical

There is a common affliction known to parents today; A.D.D. - Activity Denial Disorder. The prognosis is good and the treatment sounds simple enough - slowing down. The first step to recovery is recognizing you are sick to begin with. Our family of six took a twelve month activity time-out. Some have called it our radical sabbatical. For an entire year we made the decision to say no to all after-school activities and yes to monthly family field trips. It was our journey from busy to blessing.

He Makes All Things New

Paul and Joanne met over a homicide call, while working at a busy police department. He was a police officer and she was the 911 dispatcher. Be inspired by the testimonies of both. Discover how the Lord is patient as He waits for us. Learn that there is hope for all of us. Be inspired to see how His promises are new everyday and leave grateful knowing our history is His-story.

Grace and Truth Parenting

Parenting is the toughest job on the planet. Raising up both boys and girls, Paul and Joanne understand everything from poor attitudes and pimples to temper-tantrums and texting. Learn two of their favorite sayings, “You can tread water longer than they can make it rain.” and “We don't negotiate with terrorists!” They will have you laughing as they share a few of their own parenting truths learned through the lens of God's grace.

Legacy Parenting

Every President of the United States desires it and every parent underestimates it- their legacy for future generations. Parenting is a living legacy. Time is the tool that molds and forms our legacy into something of beauty. Learn what a godly legacy looks like. Be encouraged. No matter what our child's age, it's never too late to change our legacy. Be encouraged to step into your parenting legacy.

Grace and Truth Marriage

A family is only as strong as the marriage within it. Learn what the Lord says about a Godly marriage. Find ways to guard and protect one another, while building each other up daily. Discover simple ways to grow closer to one another, romantic ways to keep the fires burning, and the three rules Paul and Joanne created to enhance their marriage vows.

Worth the Wait

Paul and Joanne have a heart for young people. The world says one thing about dating and marriage, while God's Word says something completely different. Be encouraged to grow up into who you are in Christ before marriage. Choosing your life-mate is the most important decision you will make. Waiting is never fun, but very necessary, and more than worth the wait.

In But Not Of

As Christians, we are called to be salt and light in the world. As much as we love fellowship with others who are like-minded, be gently reminded He placed our families here with a purpose, His purpose. Be inspired. Your family can be an “in the world” family without being an “of the world” family.

Paul and Joanne will work with you to share a fitting message with your group or church body. The above topics are ones they enjoy sharing to encourage and teach.

Paul and Joanne are available to speak separately to both men and women's groups. Please email them with any questions in regard to their speaking calendar.


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